Ethical Hacking is NOT What Hollywood Portrays (It’s Even Better)

2007 might be the year! ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ hit the big screens, taking the cybercrime genre in Hollywood to newer heights and inspiring a large group of those in the 20s to take up ethical hacking as a legit career stream.

Since then, Hollywood has produced an awful lot of movies on cybersecurity, cementing the stature of hackers into this cool geek who can control the world from the basement of her/his home. Of course, made to sell, these movies do not necessarily portray ethical hacking in the right lights. Because while sure hackers are quite a genius bunch, they are more than just about saving the world from rogue bad guys. The reality edges the fictional portrayal. Ethical hacking is much more. It’s much better, recognized across the world among the white-collars. So, were you planning to opt it as your full-time career option, you couldn’t make a better choice. You’re in for a treat.

BIG Salary

Per a leading job portal, the average annual salary of a certified ethical hacker is $99,000. Even the new professionals, filling any entry-level post, can expect annual income as high as $95,000.

In India, Certified Ethical Hackers or CEHs make an annual average salary of around Rs 4,40,000. Versus the other traditional (and hyped) career paths, evidently, this stream promises financial rewards in abundance. To that, the salary also depends a lot on the organization and department you’re working with.

Top Organizations Are Looking For You

Per Accenture, the average cost of a malware attack is $2.4 million in money and 50 days in time. No wonder, even the small and medium-scale companies are investing extensively to secure their IT infrastructure. Then, of course, top brands, along with almost all government organizations around the world, are going big with their spending on cyber-security. This, collectively, have upshot the need and demand of ethical hackers at its all-time high right now. So, while on the macro level India is struggling with the 40-year high unemployment rate, with your skills and certification on ethical hacking, you can easily score high-paying jobs in renowned organizations.

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Less Competition

Yes, with technology (like IoT and VR) taking giant leaps in our lifestyle, cyber-security has the attention of all. However, still, the number of graduates exploring this niche as a legit career option is relatively low. Lack of awareness is a primary reason. The number of reputed institutes offering the right training is still in scarce. And then, admittedly, ethical hacking isn’t quite easy to learn. So, if you’re looking to become a professional ethical hacker, you wouldn’t have to deal with high competition, as is the case with the traditional courses, which can unlock you even better opportunities.

More Bad Guys, More Opportunities

Did you know 2,23,000 new malware samples are produced every day?

Not just that! More than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day which is expected to cost the world a whopping $11.5 billion by the end of 2019.

The number of opportunities in this market is only growing by the passing days. And it’s expected to continue growing in the coming years and decades. So, you can say goodbye to the idea of “career stagnation”. The career ladder here is quite long and less-crowded that you can climb at full pace.

Starting your professional life in a private company, you can quickly move to grab jobs in globally-recognized companies and government organizations. In short, while it sure is daunting to see the number of bad guys increasing, it also is good news for those who want to make a successful career in cybersecurity.

Enroll in Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore

With benefits in aplenty, if you have a knack and interest in the cyber world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enroll in a good ethical hacking training Bangalore. Look around, do your research, and find a good institute. Learn, learn some more from top industry experts. Self-learn. Get certified. Become a certified ethical hacker. Get hired by the right employer. And expect an explosive career growth.

3 Ethical Hacking Misconceptions That You Need to Get Rid of!

Ethical hacking is becoming the front line of a possible cyber attack that all corporations are fearful of. These white hat computer professionals are dedicated to bust the loose ends and help you build a network that is truly safe for your workings.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this profession. In this blog, we are going to take a look at what good CEH training in Bangalore can do to you. Want to find out? Let’s take a look now!

1. Ethical hacking only protects your data

This is one of the most dangerous myths about ethical hacking and should be busted immediately. Ethical hackers do a lot more than just protect your network data – they help you keep your funds safe.

Recently, an Indian minister who felt that Aadhar number security was not that important and tweeted it online, soon saw a Rupee 1 transaction from an unknown source to his bank account.

While this was to just a prove a point, it will not always be the case and the funds maybe a lot more!

2. The bad guys are better at this

One of the common misconceptions about ethical hacking is that a lot of people think that the bad guys are better at this. This is quite far from the truth and if you really want to know the truth – then many of the present white hat hackers were earlier rogues themselves.

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Ethical hacking is a way of understanding how to penetrate networks and keep yours safe. The knowledge required to make that happen is similar to the other end of the spectrum.

3. Always hire an ethical hacker from outside the company

A lot of people romanticise freelance ethical hackers because of how Hollywood movies treat them – as these alternative geniuses who do not care about the real world. However, having a full time ethical hacker for your company is important as well!

If you do it right, then the rest of things will fall into place for your company without a problem.

These are the 3 misconceptions that needed busting. Now that you have a better idea about the matter, get enrolled in a reputable CEH course in Bangalore and chase your dreams!

What An Android Penetration Testing Course Teaches You!

Are you always wondering about how apps work and if it leaves your private information vulnerable? If these questions are on your mind and you like coding, then you should consider taking a course on it.

The android penetration testing training in Kolkata could be your doorway to making a fabulous entry in the industry of ethical mobile hacking. Want to know what these courses entail?

Let’s take a look now:

1.Decompiling code

This part of the training involves breaking down compiled codes in mobile applications to see if they pose any threat to your overall security.

Decompiling is an integral part of learning about android penetration and knowing it would make your understanding a lot more effective!

There are specialized trainers who can help you learn and understand decompiling as simply as possible. So, what are you still waiting for?

2.Analyzing mobile application real time

To understand the safety of a mobile application, analysis plays a huge part in the process. Whether the apps are running on the background, or the foreground, real time security threat analysis will give you a new point of view when dealing with applications.

Learning how to do the job perfectly however requires intricate training in app analysis and to know more about it, it is imperative for you to enrol for a android penetration testing course in Kolkata.

3.Learning how to spot the flaws

Untrustworthy apps can have loads of problems – from unnecessary permissions to insecure logging, content leak, data collection, and more. Learning how to spot them and deal with it accordingly is very important for a mobile application ethical hacker!

If you want to learn and understand the concept of how android apps work and figure out the way to fix them for your clients, then you need to take a course on the matter. There are many minute details in code and processes that make all the difference.

In today’s day and age, applications hold a lot of power when it comes to people’s information. Often users do not even see for themselves what kind of permissions are being asked for and whether they are even relevant to the particular app.

Being an android environment ethical hacker, you will be able to resolve all of these issues for your client and create the best situation for them – which is worth a lot!

Why Your Company Needs Network Penetration Testing To Stay Secure Today!

The world is virtual today – from sensitive information to financial assets, everything is just a click way. And while that is an improvement from the earlier generations of communication, it definitely does not make you a fortress.

Security is one of the prime concerns, especially in the Indian market for most businesses. Mid and small size companies do not even consider the possibility of an attack to their system – and that remains a problematic understanding of the subject.

To get rid of such notions and provide cold hard assessments of real value, getting your network penetration testing done is a good idea.

What is network penetration testing?

A part of any good ethical hacking training in Kolkata, network penetration testing is a simulated attack on your system that is aimed at understanding the loopholes in your system and giving you an assessment that will help correct it.

But why would your company need one in the first place?

In this blog, we have listed out why getting a net pen testing or intrusion detection is in your best interest. Let’s take a look:

  1. To protect sensitive data

If your company handles sensitive data of clients in its systems and server, then a net pen testing in regular intervals is very important. It is within your list of responsibilities to ensure that all the data that is consentingly collected by you, remains within your organization and agreed third parties (if any).

  1. To understand your security loopholes

Whether it is your system security or app security, coding often entails loopholes that are to be tested if you want to evolve it further. If you do not challenge your security system enough, it will eventually become obsolete and leave you vulnerable to attack – something you should definitely look to avoid.

  1. To ensure best practises

Every digital environment has some best practices, and yours is no different. If your security is not compliant with these policies that you might end up in legal trouble from your clients – in case something goes wrong.

A net pen test will give you a clear insight into the matter and ensure that you are 100% within your boundaries where security is concerned.

Why is it better to get net pen testing done manually?

While there are software applications that do vulnerability analysis for your network, you cannot replace the instinct of a human brain. These professionals are highly trained in ethical hacking course in Kolkata and unlike software, it is not template driven.

There is real human choice to identify possible loophole areas and check out the weakest link. As the saying goes:

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

So, if you are business, get in touch with a net pen testing company today and find out your network strength. And for individuals who want to take up ethical hacking as profession, now is the time to get trained by the very best – look online to find out!