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Web Application Firewall Testing

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Test your Web Application Firewall NOW before its too late


A form of firewall covering the control of input/output & access from, to, or by an application or service is called application firewall or in full term web application firewall (abbreviated as WAF). They are of two types i) Network based and ii) Application based. Any configured policy of the firewall when breached- input, output, or system service calls would result in potentially blocking of the respective service(s). It is veritably designed to control all network traffic on any OSI (Open System Interconnection) layer right till the application layer.

It is different from normal firewalls in the sense that traditional firewalls cannot control network traffic regarding a specific application but web application firewalls are intended exactly to do the same. It is also different in functionality and has got added features when compared to Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as it can defend web applications/servers from web-based attacks that IPSs are unable to prevent. Primarily, the fundamental distinction lays in the fact that WAF can analyze the level of ability to the Layer 7 web application logic which IPS and normal traditional firewalls can’t since they cannot evaluate IP packets or protocols for that matter. It is so because WAF analyze the web applications more up-close and thoroughly by monitoring traffic to and from web applications or servers and moreover they are well-configured to look at every request and response within the various web service layers such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP & XML-RPC .For this in-depth performance of inspection of web traffic WAF is also known as “Deep Packet Inspection Firewalls”. Web application firewall is really the one that can be supplemented along with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) for further shielding the security measure of web applications which again is the hallmark of Indian Cyber Security Solutions.

The protocol used in making web application firewall can prevent from the most common attacks of the likes of cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, etc. that are usually faced by firewalls. Our experts at Indian Cyber Security Solutions make optimal use of the customizable feature of web application firewall to great effect as per your need & requirement so that many attacks can be recognized and blocked. However, changes need to be applied whenever the application goes under modification.

Nowadays, many corporate companies & agencies have got security providing I.T. companies to look after their website and its applications as their website has become their global identity courtesy to the present day flourishing trend of digital marketing. We at Indian Cyber Security Solutions cover up all steps including that of zero-day exploits, attacks and every known (possible) vulnerabilities so that there is complete safety encircling your web applications.

Web application firewall started to get potent and became far more significant once the PCI Security Standards Council was formed and PCI DSS compliance was mandated by the credit card brands for merchants that process payment card transactions simply because PCI DSS requires that Web applications be strengthened through either a code security review or a WAF.

At Indian Cyber Security Solutions have got the firepower to safeguard and maintain the security of your web applications through web application firewall testing by the usage of the latest technologies being executed by our highly skilled experts.


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