10 Reasons to why should you became a Microsoft Azure Certified

10 Reasons why should you become a Microsoft Azure Certified


In recent years, the entire concept of computing has seen a drastic change and
seen a lot of improvement and evolved from traditional computing to cloud
computing. So the important aspect of cloud computing is that the data is shared
across the cloud and the data is available on the demand.

With the help of cloud computing facilities, all the computing resources are shared
across so that the data can be accessed from any part of the world with minimal
effort. With cloud computing got into the pictures, users and enterprises have the
possibility to store the data in the cloud.

It has seen a lot of attraction because it is one of the cost-effective solutions where
the companies don’t have to invest in any of the infrastructure cost personally.
However, if you don’t have any experience using cloud services, you should first
get Azure training and become a certified expert. Here are ten reasons why you
should get a Microsoft Azure certification training before using cloud services.




1. Career flexibility :

Microsoft Azure certifications are very important when pursuing a career
in cloud computing, and it offers flexible career options. Microsoft Azure
certifications help secure credible roles such as cloud administrator, developer,
security engineer, AI engineer, data engineer, solutions architect, and DevOps
engineer. Microsoft Azure offers nine role-based certifications that not only
increase your versatility in the role you are in, but also in the industry you are
working in.

The best part about using Microsoft Azure is that you don’t have to learn
how to operate so many different tools. Azure offers all the commonly used
tools including Hadoop, Xcode, Eclipse, Github, etc. to make it easier for
newcomers to adapt and start using this platform. Additionally, with a concise
learning process, you can get your certification faster and start your career. You
can find lots of study material available online in the form of detailed guides
and tutorial videos, as well.

2. Structured learning :


The structured learning methodology to get Microsoft Azure
certifications lead you to learn different tools easily. Candidates find many
common tools such as Hadoop, GitHub, Eclipse, etc. that are easy to learn, and
newly interested candidates can easily adapt to the Azure platform and services
with simplicity and ease.
Most importantly, fresh candidates can improve their Azure learning and
career path with a faster, more concise learning process. Many online resources
such as tutorials, ebooks, and courses are available to learn the theoretical and
practical concepts of Azure services. So the learning curve is not that hard
compared to the other competitors.

3. Higher Salaries :

As the skill is special compared to the other standard technologies, the
individuals who are into cloud computing gets more salary when compared
to others. The average salary for the individual who is into Azure is about

$53,602 per annum. IF you have made it to the senior level where you act as
a Senior Software Architect, then you can expect about $164,170.
Also comparing the industry standard across different companies, the
basic average salary per annum is about $40,914.

4. Progressive career development :

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers and offers nine
role-based Azure certifications based on market requirements. By earning
any or all of the Azure role-based certifications, you can ensure professional
career development and recognization in the market. Currently, most
businesses are adopting Azure cloud services and the demand for Microsoft
Azure certified professionals is increasing.

Azure certifications offer a wide range of professional tracks, including
Azure administrator, architect, developer, security engineer, AI engineer,
data scientist, and data engineer, enabling you to become a leading cloud
professionals in the market. There are currently 6,000,000+ government
employees who are using Azure cloud services. As a Microsoft Azure
certified professional, you have a better opportunity to land up a job in the
government sector.

5. Complete environment :

The main difficulty with most of the software applications is not having a
perfect environment for complete testing. Microsoft Azure Cloud has also
addressed this as it provides close integrations for the overall solutions. The
applications built using their platforms will help the organizations to
develop, test and deploy easily.
All the mobile and web applications are completely integrated using their
API and the teams can kick-start the development processes.
6. Beneficial cloud service provider :
Choosing the right cloud service provider is very important for businesses
because all of their data or processing is dependent on their availability.
Azure guarantees 99.9% uptime where there are no technical glitches are

seen. Also, Azure cloud services provide Paas, hybrid solutions and also an
array of beneficial services.
So the uptime of the applications is not at all compromised.

7. Certification will boost your career and salary:

With a Microsoft Azure certification, you can certainly become a
successful developer and earn a handsome salary. The demand for such
experts is on the rise with many top businesses switching over to cloud
services. The following are a few certifications you can get to kick start your
career in this industry :
o Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
o Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
o Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)


8. Hybrid Capabilities :


Microsoft Azure is packed with hybrid services that permit your data
to be accessed from all over the world. The hybrid connections include
Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and
ExpressRoute, which improve user experience and performance. Many other
cloud service providers are still unable to offer such protocols.

9. Security offering :

Microsoft Azure is packed with hybrid services that permit your data
to be accessed from all over the world. The hybrid connections include
Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and
ExpressRoute, which improves user experience and performance. Many other
cloud service providers are still unable to offer such protocols.

10. Enterprise agreement Advantage :

All the organizations that are already using Microsoft software for
their development activities then they are automatically enrolled under the
“Enterprise Agreement” advantage. So the use of this agreement will help
the organizations to get competitive prices and extra discounts on the new

software products and on the Azure cloud services. This is a boon for all the
organizations so that they can try out all different services from Microsoft
without actually paying a hefty amount. Using this facility small companies
can also afford cloud services at minimal prices and offer a great value-
added product to the market.



Microsoft Azure is an all-around cloud service that allows
users, both businesses and individual developers, to maximize the efficiency
of their processes and benefit from its cost-effectiveness. It is recommended
that you invest time and energy in acquiring a certification in this technology
to streamline your business operations and reach new heights of success.


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