Push notification enhances android security

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Push notification enhances android security

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Push Notification Enhances Android Security

Push notification is Google’s next endeavour in keeping its security as tight as possible in Android phones. After the recent announcement of already implementing some vital security features in the next Android OS version Android Nougat it is now on its way to bring to the table a new feature named Native Android Push Notification. With this feature if a new device is added to your Google account i.e. to say when a new device accesses your account, you would be instantly notified through a push notification as to whether you have signed in. If the activity somehow appears suspicious to you will just need to tap the “Review account activity” button to know the details of the newly logged in device on your Google account.

Push Notification in android

The e-mail notifications for Google is not new anymore and with the company believing that people generally pay four times more attention to push notifications on their mobile devices in comparison to email notifications this is probably the best foot forward in tightening the security on Android devices even further. This will always provide you with the opportunity to change your password before an intruder gets in. Or even if the situation is a little different and you are worried if someone has actually accessed your account already you can immediately change your password and add two-factor authentication while being on the go. This 2-factor authentication has again been made much easier for the user by Google recently as you can log in by simply by a single tap instead of typing codes. This is called “Google Prompt”. So as Google has mentioned in its official blog that with this new feature on board the transparency of the users would also be increasing automatically as they get to see the actions they have performed. This new feature will be taking around about two weeks to spread totally all across the globe.

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