Metasploit Framework training for Hackers

 Metasploit Framework training for Hackers

metasploit framework training

Metasploit Framework training by Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on providing in-depth knowledge on the most widely used open source tool metasploit.  Our training course aims at providing advance level training on metasploit framework to cyber security lovers and students.  Metasploit Framework popularly known as collection of exploits, our course is particularly designed to teach the varied use of these exploits to actually exploit vulnerabilities.

Metasploit Framework training is a perfect starting point for cyber security professionals who want to learn penetration testing and Ethical Hacking.  Our experts in the field of penetration testing had been working for more than seven years and found out the real need for security professionals to understand the metasploit framework deeply. This can help them to grow professionally in the field of information security. Due to increase of demand for cyber security professional across the globe Indian Cyber Security Solutions has taken this initiative to launch a comprehensive course for penetration testers which will help them in vulnerability assessment and mitigating risk for their organizations.


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Eligibility Criteria | Pre-requisite

  1. Basic knowledge about Information Security / Cyber Security or can go for Ethical Hacking Course
  2. Must be aware about networking concepts (TCP/IP) or can go for CCNA Training from us


Jobs for Metasploit

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Penetration Tester

Threat Researcher

Defense Assessment Analyst



Metasploit Framework Training – Course Content


Module 1: The structure of the Metasploit Framework

In this module, an in-depth view of the architecture of MSF and its components is given. The students will master the msfconsole, the main MSF interface and learn how to manage sessions.

  • Tutorial 1: Installing the MSF
  • Tutorial 2: Running the MSF and msfcli
  • Tutorial 3: Getting acquainted with the internal database
  • Tutorial 4: The environments
  • Tutorial 5: playing around with the interface
  • Tutorial 6: logging
  • Exercise 1: Preparing your machine for the course
  • Exercise 2: Starting the environment for the course
  • Exercise 3: Downloading the virtual targets (VT’s)
  • Exercise 4: Preparing the VT’s


Module 2: Information gathering AND the MSF

Prior to any exploitation attempt, you should have information about your target. During this module, we will show how to perform the task, and how to automate it with MSF

  • Tutorial 1: Network Mapping
  • Tutorial 2: Service Fingerprinting
  • Tutorial 3: Automated Vulnerability Scanners
  • Tutorial 4: Importing into the MSF
  • Tutorial 5: Information gathering and management from within the MSF
  • Tutorial 6: Targeted scanning from within the MSF
  • Exercise 1: Scanning VT’s (from scratch, from within the MSF)
  • Exercise 2: Examining your data


Module 3: Exploitation is the way!

Time to roll up your sleeves and start doing mischiefs J In this module the student will learn the basics of exploitation with the Framework, and put in practice what they’ve learnt in the previous modules.

  • Tutorial 1: Getting acquainted with the msfcli
  • Tutorial 2: The basic of exploitation: what are exploits, how to select one
  • Tutorial 3: Payloads
  • Tutorial 4: Mastering Meterpreter
  • Tutorial 5: your first exploit
  • Exercise 1: Exploiting a Linux VT
  • Exercise 2: Exploiting a Windows VT
  • Exercise 3: Changes in the internal database


Module 4: Inside the target

In this module, the student will learn how to ‘pwn’ the target once they broke into it.

  • Tutorial 1: Capturing screenshots
  • Tutorial 2: Capturing key pressed
  • Tutorial 3: Dumping credentials
  • Tutorial 4: NTLM equivalence and the cursed ‘pass-the-hash’ attack
  • Tutorial 5: Privilege escalation, part 1.
  • Exercise 1: Capture the flag: you’re into the box
  • Exercise 2: Hack and hack again: escalate privileges!


Module 5: Bow before me. For I am ROOT!

This module expands the previous one.

  • Tutorial 1: Privilege escalation, part 2
  • Tutorial 2: Windows process token manipulation
  • Tutorial 3: Sniff traffic on exploited VT’s
  • Tutorial 4: Pivoting through exploited VT’s
  • Tutorial 5: maintaining access
  • Tutorial 6: attacking databases
  • Tutorial 7: using the Framework along with other tools
  • Tutorial 8: overview of wireless attacks through Metasploit
  • Tutorial 8: Persistent backdoor
  • Tutorial 9: Metasploit GUI
  • Tutorial 10: Armitage
  • Exercise 1: Become root!
  • Exercise 2: Jump around across systems
  • Exercise 3: Download credentials


Module 6: Client side attack

Exploitation is not all about servers, indeed. Now the students will take a look at the other side of the equation: the clients!

  • Tutorial 1: Browser ‘pwn’-ing
  • Tutorial 2: Malware on demand: msfpayload
  • Tutorial 3: Evasion and obfuscation, Escaping client-side security controls: msfencode and the new Msfvenom
  • Tutorial 4: Exploiting the user with the Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Tutorial 5: scripting the attacks
  • Exercise 1: Create malicious attachments
  • Exercise 2: ‘pwn’ the browser
  • Exercise 3: ‘pwn’ fat components
  • Exercise 4: ‘pwn’ the user



Course Duration

1 Month Course



Course Fee:

INR  – 18,000/-


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Gradation System: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)


Why Choose Indian Cyber Security Solutions ?

  • Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class
  • 100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)
    30% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 90% marks in their board exams
  • LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies and hacking forum “HACKERS LAB”


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