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Course Description

India’s best Android Penetration testing & Mobile application security course

Android penetration testing course will help the students and application developers to discover new techniques for android based application hacking. Android is a Linux based kernel mobile platform which had gained its popularity in mobile based smart phone devices. Due to the rise in competition organizations have adopted the new technology of android based application in order to remain in touch with their customers every time. Starting from banking industry to hospital industry every organization has shifted their focus in developing android applications to be in touch with their clients.
Just like the web based application requires periodical penetration testing android applications also requires the same as they are exposed to the same risks. Android penetration testing is the integral part of SDLC. Our course focuses on how students and android developers can test their application before they launch it into the market. Android platform need to be secure in two levels i.e application level & device level. We will use virtual machine for testing android application with the use of different tools like Burp suite, Mallory, APK tool, Manifest explorer, Android SDK etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Android Penetration Testing Course

Students and working professionals who have strong command on Java programming language and android development can go for this course. It is highly recommended course for android developers who can really develop a bug free applications for their organization.

Current Job for Android application penetration tester

Mobile Application Penetration Tester

Course Content

Android is a Linux kernel mobile platform. Android runs on a wide range of devices, from mobile smartphones and tablets, to set-top boxes. The Android mobile operating system is dependent upon the mobile device’s processer capabilities for its performance.

Introduction To Custom ROMs And Kernels

Introduction to Bootloaders and Recoveries


Flashing custom Recoveries

Flashing custom ROMs and Kernels

Introduction to CyanogenMod, AOSP, AOKP and other Android projects

Monitoring process activity

Observing file access

Monitoring network connectivity

Analyzing logs

Run time instrumentation and manipulation

Memory modification for running applications

Common Vulnerabilities Related to Traffic

Proxies and sniffers

Sensitive information transmission

Importing SSL certificates & trusted CA's

Bypassing server certificate validations

Exposing insecure traffic

Validating server certificates and avoiding man-in-the-middle

Client side certificate authentication

Common app-to-server vulnerabilities

Proxies vs Transparent Proxies

Installing Trusted CA on an Android device

Performing fuzzing on the Application Server

Testing for conventional vulnerabilities server-side (Eg. SQLi, XSS, CSRF, Cookie Hijacking etc)

Students will be provided an Android malware sample to test and decompile and analyze

Android malware apk testing to decrypt communication

Providing Source-code of a second Android malware for manual modification and compiling

Identifying connection strings and API calls

Setting up various tools and security suites to facilitate penetration testing with an Android device

Packet sniffing and DOS attacks on Android

ARP Spoofing on Android devices

Batch Options

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Online Class

  • Duration of every class : 2 Hours
  • Number of classes : 20 (20x2hours = 40 Hours)
  • Monday and Friday 8 P.M IST to 10 P.M IST
  • Tuesday and Thursday 8 P.M IST to 10 P.M IST
  • Sunday 11 A.M IST to 3 P.M IST
  • Course Fee : INR 14,000 / $207

Class Room

  • Duration of every class : 3 Hours
  • Number of classes : 14 (14x3hours = 42 Hours)
  • Monday and Friday (10 A.M - 1 P.M) / (3 P.M - 6 P.M)
  • Tuesday and Thursday (10 A.M - 1 P.M) / (3 P.M - 6 P.M)
  • Saturday and Sunday (10 A.M - 1 P.M) / (3 P.M - 6 P.M)
  • Course Fee : INR 19000

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Why ICSS is the go to institute for CAPT?

ICSS has a pool of skilled android developers and penetration testers who have developed this course specifically to solve the modern day problem of data theft and privacy breach both for individuals and for organizations. Android developers or people from technical domain having knowledge in Android development can opt for this course which will open up new opportunities in the world of android security which is the need of the art for the future.

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Student’s Feedback

  • 01th FEB, 2016

    Ogunbunmi Moruf

    I'm happy with the studies with the Indiancybersecuritysolutions . I joined Python programming and CEHP course and I found it helpful to me !!!

  • 22th FEB, 2016

    Partha Jana

    The faculties are not only outstanding with stupendous knowledge but are really co-operative as well. Always open for any kind of doubt clarification.

  • 03th MAY, 2016

    Swarnojit Sarkar

    Very generous people to be dealing with. Learnt Android App Pen Test from here. Overall an experience worth remembering.

  • 20th MAY, 2016

    Dipan Das

    I learnt Android App Development from ICSS and the whole course was so very structured and well designed.

  • 05th June, 2016

    Anamitra Sarkhel

    The best part I felt was the infrastructure. Student’s need at ICSS always gets top most priority.